Action For Happiness in Brighton

Taking action to increase happiness in Brighton

A new branch of Action For Happiness was born in Brighton on March 22nd 2012; there are now over 600 members.
Action for Happiness is a national organization.  Watch the Video  "Doing Good feels Good". The national website is full of tantalising resources (great dreams: 10 keys to happiness, and a reading list) - have a look! great dream postcards

Action for Happiness is a movement for positive social change. We're bringing together people from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone. For fifty years we've aimed relentlessly at higher incomes. But despite being much wealthier, we're no happier than we were five decades ago. At the same time we've seen an increase in wider social issues, including a worrying rise in anxiety and depression in young people. It's time for a positive change in what we mean by progress.

for details on each event see the AfH page on meetup

Large events (workshops or talks) are held at the Latest music bar (Manchester St, BN2 1TF map suggested donation £2 ) on the first Wednesday in the month. Some of these may be televised by Latest TV.

The NEW Happy Cafe is in the Emporium;  on Saturdays 10-12 am there will be at least one AfH coordinator present.

Small social events are held at the Emporium (London Rd) on the evening of last Monday of each month.

for details on each event see the AfH page on meetup

Large events at Latest music bar Please arrive by 7:45 to give yourself time to buy a drink, say hello and find a seat; events start at 8:00 prompt.
Wed Jan 7th 2015
Towards a happier society
Mark Williamson
An update on the progress of the wellbeing movement Action for Happiness from the national director. After more than a decade of corporate life, Mark decided to change direction and is now using his energy and leadership skills to help build a better society. more on Mark Williamson    meetup
Wed Feb 4th
workshop - details to follow  meetup
Wed March 4th
Resilience - a key to Happiness
Dr Josh Cameron, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton
Resilience is one of the 10 keys to happiness. more on Josh Cameron  meetup
Wed April 1st
details to follow  meetup
Wed May 6th details to follow  meetup
Wed June 3rd
details to follow  meetup
Wed July 1st
details to follow  meetup

The Happy Cafe is a new development.   This is a chance to talk to people in more depth, perhaps doing something for them; to take a positive approach and notice the world around you, to be comfortable with yourself as you learn new things and try out connecting with people in new ways, becoming part of something bigger. (In fact you can practise all of the Ten Keys to Happier Living except exercise!?) meetup

Emporium, Brighton's exciting theatre, café/bar performing arts complex, has become the country's first 'Happy Cafe'. As such it will be a regular meeting place for Brighton Action for Happiness members where they can get to know other members and other people interested in spreading happiness in Brighton. It will also help them to discover new ways to improve their wellbeing by providing an array of informative and inspiring, posters, books, pamphlets and happiness postcards which can be viewed and read at leisure in the café. Members can of course visit Emporium at any time and use its Happy Café resources, but we are announcing these specific Saturday morning Meetups to increase the likelihood that there will be fellow Action for Happiness members there for you to get-together with.

Read the excellent  Argus report October 12th 2014

Activities planned in Brighton and Hove include speakers on happiness from several viewpoints, workshops with practical involvement, and ongoing self-help development groups to explore happiness for individuals. Want to create an event? guidelines


facebook group . tweet: @BrightonHappy

Brighton AfH meetup group here

NEW:  know your neighbour initiative

Books you may find enlightening        ways to Give and Share

Organizations and events in Brighton that may enable you to find more happiness:

Do Something Different

Brighton Buddhist Centre
Happy Cell
Non Violent Communication
Philosophy in Pubs
gratitude group (Shoreham)
Sunday assembly

Past events:

May 31st  2012
Launch of the Brighton Action for Happiness group
Talk by Mark Williamson (director of UK Action for Happiness) followed by discussion.  
sound on RadioFreeBrighton (including fascinating answers to questions after the talk)      
slides   Mark's talk in Australia

June 17th
"Happy" - the movie
The film features people living lives of happiness and gives lots of ideas on how we can all become happier both personally and as communities.  trailer    

July 9th
How to be happy in the 21st century - a Buddhist perspective
Mokshini - Brighton Buddhist Centre  more

Sept 4th
Measuring happiness and why it matters
Juliet Michaelson    New Economics Foundation  nef  slides

Oct 2nd
Some Strategies for Well-being: Lessons from Making Slough Happy
Dr Richard Stevens, Open University  more  slides  handout

November 6th Values, Individual Happiness, Planetary Well-being and the role of our Consumer Culture
Wenceslao Unanue, University of Sussex   slides

Dec 4th Gratitude Event  Anne O'Keife   An evening of developing an attitude of gratitude!
Jan 1st 2013
"Happy" - the movie

Jan 8th
An introduction to Positive Psychology  Bridget Grenville-Cleave  book  about Bridget

Feb 5th Willing to be happy: can willpower and self-control  make you happier?  Dr Andrew Eagle

March 12th
Music and Singing for Happiness    Philip Milburn

April 9th
The neurobiology of happiness - an embodied experience  Dr Harry Witchel
April 30th
Embodying the Great Dream – Dancing the 10 Keys to Happiness  Helen Thatcher
June 4th
Workshop - Ten Keys to Happiness   Vanessa King, Action for Happiness 

July 2nd Happiness, the choice for us all  Dr Anthony Seldon,
August 6th  Workshop on strengths  Alex Bailey
Sept 3rd Workshop on Love in Action   Lotus Nguyen
October 8th
A playful approach to happiness Joshua French
November 5th 
Why isn't everyone happy? Understanding our blocks to happiness   Anne Dale
Dec 3rd Christmas Party
Jan 7th 2014 Happy the movie
Nov 5th 2014
How do you do happiness? Ant Bullock and Ray Richards from Do Something Different
About a year ago, Action for Happiness teamed up with Brighton behaviour change specialists Do Something Different to create 'Do Happiness', a 6-week online programme designed to help people bring more happiness into their lives. To date over 2,000 people in over 40 countries have taken part. How does it work? Are people happier after doing the programme? Ant and Ray will explain the psychology behind the programme and share the latest findings.                    meetup       DSD slides

meetup for more on past and on future events.

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